R&D and New innovation

Product innovation is as important to brand development as the creation of a strong visual identity and effective promotional material.

Packaging Brands draws on decades of experience in bringing new products to the transit packaging sector and innovation is one of the key pillars of its success.

Working with distributors and end-users, we carry out primary and secondary research to establish the current needs and expectations of the industry, and to anticipate future trends in packaging technology and methodology.

Within the organisation, our Innovation Team proactively works with the supply chain to deliver cost-effective solutions for both conventional and unique applications.

The team frequently recommends changes to the design of products already in production, to be implemented by manufacturers for optimised product performance.

Packaging Brands is an early adopter of new products, and the Innovation Team also explores design development, liaising with research companies and innovators to identify and evaluate potential additions to the brands’ product portfolios.